BK Helpdesk Support

Our Helpdesk is generally available from 9am to 6pm for our customers (exact details are defined in the Service Contract).
Mobile numbers are provided as part of every Service Contract.
During busy times please leave a message with your Contract Number and phone number, so we can call you back. We are a low-cost Service Provider and will therefore not invest in expensive Telephone Exchanges with voice menus.
Our service is personal and friendly, just the way our customers like it.

The Helpdesk provides a central point of contact. Because all calls go through a single system, your calls are being logged, prioritized and given a reference number. Problems or questions that can be resolved straight away will be dealt with by the Helpdesk. However if the Helpdesk cannot deal with your query in a timely manner, your issue will be escalated to the next level (a support Engineer). The Engineer will either contact you directly if additional information is required, perform further analysis or research if needed, and typically pay you a visit. Whether the problem is resolved or not, the Helpdesk will track your query and make sure you are aware of any progress. Only when you are happy with the final resolution, will the Helpdesk close your Reference number.