Whether it is a emergency call or preventive maintenance, BK Technology can provide you with a simple but effective Support Contract, which defines a specific Service Level Agreement (SLA). This one-page document explains the service you can expect from us and in turn defines the guidelines how we can support your particular business needs best.
The contract basically defines your hardware and environment we need to support, how quick we need to react to your questions, and can be split in two methods/levels:
Level 1 support: all calls to our company go through our Helpdesk. The Helpdesk will decide if the problem can be resolved using our Knowledgebase systems. If not, the problem will be escalated to: Level 2 support: an engineer will be assigned to investigate & resolve. This may involve further in-depth research, simulations in the Lab, or site visits. Small enhancements and configurations issues can also be dealt with under the Service Contract. But larger installations and enhancements (typically over 6 hours) will be treated as separate Project work.
For details of our General Service Contract please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a customized version to meet your specific requirements and environment.
Preventative Maintenance

At BK Technology, we believe in preventive maintenance and long-term support. For that reason (as part of each Service Contract), we provide all our customers with ample documentation of their IT configuration and perform monthly maintenance tasks to keep your systems running in peak condition. If Security Fixes or Maintenance Packs arrive, we test them first and apply these to your environment as part of the package!